Departments of Library and Documentation

Departments of Library and Documentation

Remote Access

Users may subscribe to two methods that can perform remote access to electronic resources:


b-Proxy settings



    - DeepKnowledge ™ online-e-library portal. Library electronic resources, e-mail address and password you can access from anywhere. Not need to install any programs on your computer to start using. By registering at start using the portal. The portal is available in English or Turkish. Click here to download the operator's manual.


PROXY settings:

      - To ensure access through PROXY "@" or "@" extension is sufficient to have an e-mail. If you Marun Marmara or e-mail if there is no extension of the University Computing Center are academic and administrative staff, students are (Associate, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Erasmus) BMS system is available. find out information about the e-mail address. For all inquiries and issues related to e-mail you must contact the Department of Information Technology.

     - Click here to find out how to make the proxy settings.
     - After entering the library's databases to the database you want to change the proxy settings within easy reach. User name and password when prompted or Marun Marmara extension should write your email and your email password.

  NOTE: Some versions of Explorer, we recommend working through proxy settings firefox for experiencing the problem.



Specialist  Yaşar GÖÇER
Phone: +90 (216) 414 05 45 ext: 1065
e-mail: ygocer [at]


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