Departments of Library and Documentation

Departments of Library and Documentation

Audio Visual Collection

General Information

      Audio-Visual Publications Center is located in the ground floor of the library. Various topics (movies, documentaries, music) DVD, VCD chapter contains a collection of publications each year, with the addition of the vision of development.
Located in the Audio-Visual Collection 7 computer, is devoted to the use of resources. Watching movies in the works at no cost to users if they want to watch the LCD monitor or the "Loan Regulations" may borrow under the works. All these processes need to be a member of only our library. Where users can not use the materials they brought with them.


Lending Rules

- Audio-visual collection, Marmara University academic and administrative staff and students can borrow material for 2 days and 1.
- Loan book and the extension can not be granted for materials.
- Reader, you can not borrow material on behalf of someone else.
- Up to 10 days for the materials not returned on time, every day a due date for the inability to borrow any materials shall be sentenced to one day. Delays exceeding 10 days, 25 Cent, a penalty is applied daily to each item.
- Material losing or damaging one of the library user wants to take from the list that will be given to him.
- After you have borrowed materials from 16:30 and on Saturdays during the academic year loan Broadcast Services Unit can be returned.


Librarian Serkan GÜNGÖRMÜŞ

Phone: +90 (216) 414 05 45 ext: 1075
e-mail: serkan.gungormus [at]


Phone: +90 (216) 414 05 45 ext: 1075
e-mail: mustafa.kuscuoglu [at]

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