Departments of Library and Documentation

Departments of Library and Documentation

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  iThenticate (ULAKBİM EKUAL) 

Explanation: The "İThenticate" plagiarism prevention program, which has a comprehensive academic content (excluding student assignments) related to the evaluation of direct academic publications, has been opened to the public by the decision of the Scientific Board of TÜBİTAK on July 9, 2011 and numbered 199. iThenticate allows scholars, referees and editors to scan articles or drafts. The academic staff who want to use the İThenticate program which is opened to universities by ULAKBİM must send the information including their name, surname and @marmara e-mail address to kutuphane[at] Academic personnel’s identification for the Ithenticate system access  will be carried out by the person assigned to the Department of Library and Documentation for access identification. Once your information has been saved to the system; the system (info[at] will automatically send the login info to your e-mail address that you have entered, so please pay attention  and remember to check the e-mail coming from this e-mail address (info[at] The users will have access to the system once they have entered this username and password into the “login” section on Please view the "iThenticate Quick Start Guide" for detailed information about the system.  All the other activities for use other than identification activities will be performed by the user.




:  It is one of the leading softwares which brings the academic staff and students together. The software enables the tutors to check the originality of theses and grade them. Turnitin improves the writing skill of students by providing extensive feedback and preventing plagiarism. It encourages authentic writing in a certain time range. Nowadays, tutors and directors aim to promote the use of knowledge in an accurate and legal way. Due to the ease of access to billions of internet sources, students can copy and paste all the paragraphs of a source with a click of a button.
     All of the academic staff automatically obtains an account for the plagiarism checker software Turnitin. Their accounts have been opened and their activation links have been sent to their e-maills. The users who haven’t received their activation links should follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Password Reset Address

2. Type in your e-mail and surname (don’t use any Turkish characters while typing your surname and make sure it is written in uppercase letter) and proceed to the next step

3. Skip the Recovery Question Step and click on “Did you forget your answer?” link

4. Type in your e-mail address and follow the steps provided in the e-mail in order to recover your password

5. If you haven’t received your activation mail within 48 hours, you may seek assistance by writing your name, surname and @marmara email address and sending it to ygocer(at)

Help Guides : 

Turnitin thesis video

Click for the teacher guide.

Click on the guide to add a thesis


ATTENTION: TURNITIN should only be used by Academic Staff for thesis scans.


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