Circulation Services/ILL

General Information


 About Circulation Services

     Circulation Services Unit of the ground floor of the library. Date, severance and borrow transactions carried out in this section.

Who can borrow books?

   Do not borrow from Marmara University academic and administrative staff and students can benefit from the service. Do not borrow from outside the University non-readers benefit from the service, but if they want to review, and publications in the library photocopying service benefit paid.

What are the documents required for membership?

1) Marmara University for the academic and administrative staff:
- Membership form
- Employee owned unit will be assigned an ID card or official letter
2) Marmara University for Students:
- Membership form
- A new student certificate or current student ID card at

* Saying, borrow or staff ID cards during the procedure show Student ID Card is mandatory.




1. Marmara University Libraries loan services, academic and administrative staff and students can benefit from Marmara University.

2. Service users to be members of contacting members to fill in the loan, up to date information on the identity and address to give e-mail addresses

3. Borrow from the library to get material and number of days:

Academic staff of 10 books for 30 days, for a period of 2 days 1 DVD

Administrative staff / graduate students for a period of 15 days in 10 books, for a period of 2 days 1 DVD

Graduate and undergraduate students for a period of 10 days in five books, one DVD can take a period of two days.


Reserve material, all members and extension of loan transactions perform as specified directive.

* Extension process twice for the books, visual and audio materials can be made for the time.

4. Material is not returned on time for up to 10 days, one day for every day that passes by due date shall be sentenced to inability to borrow material. Delays exceeding 10 days, 0,25 tl, a penalty is applied daily to each item. Members are obliged to pay the amount of penalty for delay are determined and announced by libraries. The amount calculated by the system's on him, MU U.S. Department of Strategy Development Department Halkbank wellhead IBAN account number 05 0012 0000 92 0001 2009 8660 upon payment of a receivable from the bank receipt, is required to submit the loan service. If the user wants, the penalty of a fine day to translate kaldırtabilir penalty fee paying day. (Click for sample)

5. Self-check (loan-back machine) with the responsibility of the user of the material borrowed and returned. Information that the user plug the machine during operation or choose NOT to plug in your e-mail address Send e-mail preferred, it must keep until the next loan transaction. Users can login screen, log in and follow up on the material.

6. Make borrowed material to protect and prevent damage to the obligation to deliver on the day. Return date is not the responsibility of the library to remind you, the user's responsibility to return materials on time.

7. This directive MU libraries circulations  were prepared shortened directive.

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ILL (Interlibrary Loan) About


    Without, but in other libraries library publications "Inter-Library Loans / Copy Service (ILL International Library Loan)" method provided by these publications can be borrowed by our users.

ILL Rules:

 Service can only benefit from Marmara University academic and administrative staff.
 Readers come to the library or on the Internet will need to complete ILL request form.
 Central Library Central Library publications are delivered to the requested loan, and is non-refundable.
 Reception service request to borrow the library's rules apply.
 A reader can request up to 5 books.
 The reader is responsible for publications, broadcast loan losses and damaged.


Head to the Library rules for requests borrow:

Published on loan requests must be requested through the library KITS.
5 books can be borrowed for a period of one month to requesting libraries.
The library belongs to the requests made by shipping requests.
Lost and damaged the requesting library is responsible for publications.

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