International Library Loan (ILL)

Without, but in other libraries library publications "Inter-Library Loans / Copy Service (ILL International Library Loan)" method provided by these publications can be borrowed by our users.

ILL Rules:
a- Service can only benefit from Marmara University academic and administrative staff.
b- Readers come to the library or on the Internet will need to complete ILL request form.
c- Central Library Central Library publications are delivered to the requested loan, and is non-refundable.
d- Reception service request to borrow the library's rules apply.
e- A reader can request up to 5 books.
f- The reader is responsible for publications, broadcast loan losses and damaged.

Head to the Library rules for requests borrow:
a- Published on loan requests must be requested through the library KITS.
b- 5 books can be borrowed for a period of one month to requesting libraries.
c- The library belongs to the requests made by shipping requests.
d- Lost and damaged the requesting library is responsible for publications.
e- Renewals.

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