Procedure of e-theses

Since its inception, all made from Marmara University MSc / PhD / art Qualification / Medical Specialization covers theses.

As of 01.01.2013 all printed theses electronically accessed, the library collection, copies were printed.

Here you can browse theses. E-theses of the campus without the need for a username and password, just outside the campus library members (MU Faculty / Staff and Students) use the user name and passwords for the accounts have access to the library. (Registered members codes TC member ID numbers, passwords, the, last four digits of identification numbers TC)

MU A service provided by the Department of Library and Documentation E-theses terms of use;

1 E-Theses Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to use.

2 E-theses, using commercial software or robot, and so on, a number of publications may be copied or transferred to external memory or a personal computer in a systematic way.

3 a portion or all of the e-theses, data storage devices, or via e-mail distribution lists, and sent to people or institutions outside the university.

4 All of theses with the permission of the author, without the consent of the author + abstract parts of thesis summary can be displayed.

5 Downloaded on theses modification or creation of derivative works is prohibited.

6 Only granted the right to use electronic resources. All property rights owned by the University of Marmara.

7 The user name and passwords, not share with anyone your password Use your records are processed with the whole campus and will be at your own risk arising from misuse.

8 The library can not be requested via e-mail thesis.


Central Library at the delivery of the documents you need to bring your thesis:
a-Cd-Rom: Microsoft Word, written in Turkish and English abstracts. Adobe Reader (PDF), which contains the entire thesis is written in the CD-ROM (1)
b-Forms page by filling out the form to be printed and delivered to the thesis. (2 pieces)
c. Click here for the thesis submission form


Officer Yusuf Kılıç

Phone: +90 (216) 414 05 45 Ext: 1068
e-mail: yusufkilic [at] marmara.edu.tr

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