Safekeeping Locker


  1. "Safekeeping Lockers" are only available for our members and for 24 hours long a day.
  2. Users can get cards from Security Officers to use the Safekeeping Lockers by scanning the cards on the Return-Borrow Machine. Then, they can pick their own passwords. Users are required to keep the ticket they received from the machine for the duration of borrow until they are done using the lockers.
  3. When the user is done using the locker they must take all their belongings and return the card to the security department by using the Return-Borrow Machine. Otherwise, belongings in the locker will be emptied by the Security Officers and belongings will be taken to security.
  4. Users who do not return the locker in time will receive a punishment and won’t be allowed to use the lockers for a day.
  5. If the “Safekeeping Locker Return-Borrow Card” is lost, user will be fined 10 liras. The fine can be paid to the IBAN account on Halkbank Kuyubaşı Branch TR 92 0001 2009 8660 0012 0000 05.
  6. It is forbidden to put food and drink in the safekeeping lockers in order to maintain hygiene standards.
  7. Users are responsible for their own belongings, including valuable ones. Library and Documentation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.
  8. People who use the Library's Safekeeping Lockers shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the rules above.


  1. User password can be generated from any combination of 0 to 9 with the length of 0 to 9 digits.
  2. To lock the cabinet: Select the digits from 1 to 9 and then Press #.
  3. To open the cabinet: Type your password and then press #.

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