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   Marmara University Central Library in the publications LC (Library of Congress) divided by subject using the classification system based on open shelf and placed on the shelves. In accordance with the contents of the publications LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) headings are given a list of topics and Turkish is converted to be used. Library, which made the process of providing goods for the international Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 publications in electronic form using the cataloging process is carried out, and include access to electronic media citations.
   Cataloging consists of three basic functions:
   The first of these functions, the cataloging and classification, identification of the author of the work, identification, and classification number comprises administering to the topics. Title of a work may be more than one classification number, but each one is a work. The purpose of the classification known by streamlining the collection, facilitate the use of the collection. Also classification and related material on the same subject in the near places juxtaposes material, instead of the correct material allows again.
  Cataloging section about the second major function of the material for use in the preparation of physically. This is one of the things back in the number of labels to prepare and write. Physical preparation methods others, to take necessary measures for the protection of the label fading and pollution (protective tape bonding) If you need to bind on the booklets.
  The third is the basic function of the library catalog records maintenance. Includes the organization of the records of lost or damaged works.
  Tags in standard bibliographic cataloging of library automation program, according to the rules of the publications entered and left the classification of issues requires a certain professional knowledge and experience.

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