Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library of the University of Marmara, Goztepe Campus was established in 1997. Library building was constructed utilizing advanced technological facilities. Great reading rooms, provides readers comfortably carries out its activities. Library building with 3604 m² of approximately 700 at the same time can serve the reader.  Technological possibilities with ease thanks to the library automation system, high-quality services are offered to the user in this regard. The purpose of the library organization, primarily the realization of the university's activities, and then to support university research and publications in this regard and often used to provide qualified researchers. In addition, among the objectives of the organization, the realization of library services in accordance with university policy.
   Legal basis of the Central Library of the University of Marmara, 20 November 1990 published in Official Gazette No. 20701 of Marmara University Library remains in compliance with the regulations.


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