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It is possible to access to information with accessibility

    The accesibility unit provides that our disabled users to make the most of their library services. Accordingly, our unit is carrying out many works. Physical arrangements are made for our disabled users to use our library comfortably and projects are created that can meet needs of visually impaired users who benefit from the Accessibility Unit and who need the most for privatized arrangements. 
      Accessibility Unit has an audio record studio for creating audiobooks. There is a Braille printer and a computer with a Braille display for visually impaired users to access their notes and documents. In addition to the audiobooks, the books in our collection are scanned and transferred to the digital media, and the necessary arrangements are made on the trasferred books and then they are presented to our users. There is also a combined music system consisting of software and hardware to sustain music education.
     Audio books, text books and other documents created in the  Accessibility Unit can only be borrowed by our visually impaired users under copyright law. In order to access our audiobooks, you will first need to sign up as a member. You cannot listen to audiobooks without loging in as a member.

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