Procedure of e-theses

Since its inception, all made from Marmara University MSc / PhD / art Qualification / Medical Specialization covers theses.

As of 01.01.2013 all printed theses electronically accessed, the library collection, copies were printed.

Here you can browse theses. 

MU A service provided by the Department of Library and Documentation E-theses terms of use;

1 E-Theses Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to use.

2 E-theses, using commercial software or robot, and so on, a number of publications may be copied or transferred to external memory or a personal computer in a systematic way.

3 a portion or all of the e-theses, data storage devices, or via e-mail distribution lists, and sent to people or institutions outside the university.

4 All of theses with the permission of the author, without the consent of the author + abstract parts of thesis summary can be displayed.

5 Downloaded on theses modification or creation of derivative works is prohibited.

6 Only granted the right to use electronic resources. All property rights owned by the University of Marmara.

7 The user name and passwords, not share with anyone your password Use your records are processed with the whole campus and will be at your own risk arising from misuse.

8 The library can not be requested via e-mail thesis.

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