Audio Visual Collection

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General Information

      Audio-Visual Publications Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library is located in the 2 nd floor. Various topics (movies, documentaries, music) DVD, VCD chapter contains a collection of publications each year, with the addition of the vision of development.


Lending Rules

- Audio-visual collection, Marmara University academic and administrative staff and students can borrow material for 2 days and 1.
- Loan book and the extension can not be granted for materials.
- Reader, you can not borrow material on behalf of someone else.
- Up to 10 days for the materials not returned on time, every day a due date for the inability to borrow any materials shall be sentenced to one day. Delays exceeding 10 days, 25 Cent, a penalty is applied daily to each item.
- Material losing or damaging one of the library user wants to take from the list that will be given to him.
- After you have borrowed materials from 16:00 and on Saturdays during the academic year loan Broadcast Services Unit can be returned.

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