Study Spaces

Marmara University Libraries Study Spaces Usage Instructions


It is strictly forbidden to speak loudly or study as a group in the corridors or in the hall of the building. Loud group studies can only be made in the ‘Group Study Rooms’.

It is forbidden to speak with a mobile phone in the library. Please keep your mobile phones in silent mode.

Users are responsible for their personal belongings. Library and Documentation Department cannot be held responsible for the lost or stolen items.

It is definitely forbidden to reserve space with personal belongings (including a book or pen) in the library.

It is forbidden to shoot with a camera, mobile phone etc. without permission in the library.

It is obligatory to use earphones when listening music or watching a video or using any auditory program in the library.

It is forbidden to bring food or beverages to the Periodicals Hall and General Collection Hall.

It is strictly forbidden to eat anything that has a strong odor in the 24/7 Study Halls.

Study spaces must be left clean after studies and trashes must be put in the trash cans.

It is forbidden to sleep in or misuse the 24/7 Study Halls.

It is forbidden to use any device that may endanger the electric wiring (like an electric water heater, electric heater etc.) when detected, devices will be gathered and destroyed.

Furniture can not be relocated by users.

Legal proceedings will be commenced against the ones who damage the information sources or furniture (book, computer, desk, chair, etc.) of the library.

Library collections’ safety is provided by the magnetic gate systems and if there is an attempt to take an information source out without permission, library officers have the right to check your bag or personal belongings. Legal proceedings will be held against these person if necessary.

Penalties will be imposed on those who do not comply with these rules.

People who use the library are deemed to have agreed to obey the above rules.


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