Library Usage Directive


Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library Halls Usage Directive


1. It is strictly forbidden to speak loudly and do group work in the halls and corridors of the building. Audible group work can only be done in the "Group Study Room".

2. Talking on mobile phones is prohibited inside the library. Cell phones should be kept silent.

3. Users are responsible for their belongings. The Department of Library and Documentation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

4. Saving a seat in the library with personal belongings (including books, notebooks) for reservation is strictly forbidden.
 (Tables that have not been used for 30 minutes will be emptied by the staff and put into service for users who need space.)

5. Unauthorized shooting in the library with cameras, mobile phones, etc. is prohibited.

6. It is mandatory to use headphones while listening to music, watching videos, or using programs with audio feedback in the library.

7. Entering the General Collection Hall with food and drink is strictly forbidden.

8. Eating foods that emit odor in a way that disturbs others in 24/7 halls is strictly forbidden.

9. Work areas should be left clean after use, and rubbish should be thrown into the trash.

10. Sleeping and misuse of the 24/7 halls is strictly forbidden.

11. Place of the furnitures cannot be changed by users.

12. Legal action is taken against the user who damages the information resources and items of the library (books, periodicals, computers, tables, chairs, etc.) in any way.

13. The security of the library collection is ensured by a magnetic door control system, and it is forbidden to remove or attempt to remove information sources from the library without permission. Legal action will be taken against the user who takes this action, when necessary.

14. People using the library are deemed to have agreed to abide by the above rules.

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