General Information

  Periodicals Hall library, 2 is located in the floor. Living room are two separate sections. The first chapter is devoted to last year's magazines. In the second part, a retrospective case-bound journals on the shelves from the old numbers. As a convenience to both sections journals, magazines, open shelf system is placed in alphabetical order by name.
   All domestic and foreign periodicals subscribed tracking, recording and Periodical Publications department operation unit are sent to libraries. Department of Periodicals from the outside like other parts of the Central Library serves the readers. Periodicals can not be borrowed out of the library. Users can read magazines in the library, or 2 I get a copy of the pages they want to copy on the floor taking advantage of the service.
   There are over 1700 registered Periodicals Periodicals catalog. This bit's dripping magazines sent to the libraries of the unit. Those who continue to hold magazines for subscription to the Central Library, as well as those which are monitored electronically cut down the subscription. Moreover, tens of thousands of the databases are accessible to the magazine.

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