Table-Chair Reservation


Table-Chair Reservation


1. After logging in from the "Member Login" tab on or, follow these steps; click on "Reservation" to make a reservation and use it for up to 4 (four) hours.**

2. The available table-chair and time must be selected from the page opened for the reservation process.

3. The table-chairs can be reserved for usage up to 1 minute before the desired time period.

4. After the reservation process is completed, you will be notified about which table-chair to use via a text message sent to your mobile phone alongside an e-mail.***

5. When your usage period expires, you can continue to use the library with the new table-chair number given to you by repeating all the above procedures.

6. Users who do not do the above operations will not be able to use the Library's Study Rooms.

7. Those who use the halls are deemed to have accepted the rules in the Library's Study Halls Usage Directive.


** It is mandatory to be a member of the library in order to use the system.

*** Table-chair numbers are located on the tables.

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